Thursday, January 15, 2009

GFMS Looks for Gold to Surge in Second Half of 2009

While gold could average around $915 an ounce in the first part of 2009, it's in the second half that it could really soar, according to consultancy GFMS in its Gold Survey 2008 report. They project gold could reach as high as $1,080 an ounce as the U.S. dollar inevitably weakens. (Why the U.S. dollar will plunge in 2009.)

The average price of gold in 2008 was just under $872. Today gold was trading over $816 at 4:30 EST.

For the year, GFMS is looking for a trading range for gold of $750 an ounce to $1,080an ounce.

There's no doubt gold will rebound, as the bubble will burst sometime in the year for U.S Treasury bonds, which are wrongly being touted as havens of safety. Click on the link above to find out why that's so.

Because we don't have any idea how much more forced liquidation is out in the market, it's the one variable that could allow the U.S. dollar to remain temporarily strong, as companies continue to sell assets to cover their losses and raise cash.

Even though demand for gold in jewelry fell by almost 11 percent last year, that shouldn't have any impact on the price of gold, as safety and inflation protection will be the driving forces pushing the yellow metal up.

With the Federal Reserve going to be forced to print more money to cover the misguided bailout-mania and acquisition of Treasury bonds, that will also eventually push the strength of the U.S. dollar down and drive people toward gold. It's only a matter of when, not if.

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