Monday, April 26, 2010

Barrick Gold (TSE:ABX) Estimated Earnings Preview

Barrick Gold is (TSE:ABX)(NYSE:ABX) due to report earnings, and if analysts' estimates are close, they should enjoy a good quarter with earnings per share increasing from 42 cents a share the same quarter last year, on $1.8 billion in revenue, to 56 cents a share the latest quarter on $2.4 billion in revenue.

The company has also reportedly increased its margins from 41.9 percent last year to $53.4 percent this year; a terrific improvement no matter how you measure it. Some companies take years to make this type of increase in margins, so to do it that quickly is quite an accomplishment, although the question is whether it's sustainable or not.

What makes Barrick Gold so desirable is the predictability due to its strong pipeline, which allows for some measure of consistency lacking in a lot of gold mining companies which always have new but unproven projects on their books.

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