Monday, April 19, 2010

Buying Opportunity for Gold

With the endless amount of economic news coming out which reiterates the volatility in the market, along with continuing government attempts to manipulate things behind the scenes, like the charges of fraud against Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) in order to push forward their regulatory agenda, gold has a lot of opportunities to present buying opportunities, and we need to be vigilant in watching for them.

We need to largely neglect the Goldman Sachs story, as that's completely irrelevant to the price of gold, no matter what clueless media outlets state.

More important is the debt of governments and the horrid monetary policies of central banks around the world and the amount of paper money they've thrown out into the market.

Inflation and a place of safety is what is driving investors in relationship to gold, and we need to keep from getting sidetracked by the ignorance of so-called financial reporters who simply regurgitate what the official Obama administration line is concerning Goldman Sachs.

They have no effect on gold, and only the continual assertion they do is what makes some people believe it does, not the reality. So even when media continue to assert this, ignore them, and focus on what is really driving the price of gold, and not the lie that charges against Goldman Sachs has the markets reeling.

The Goldman Sachs incident is related to something from 3 years ago, not anything related to the current market. Just understand this is a hoax as far as it relates to today, and is only, as mentioned, a tool the government is using in attempts to put pressure on other lawmakers to pass their regulatory agenda.

Don't get caught up in the politics of it and neglect the underlying fundamentals driving the price of gold.

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