Thursday, April 1, 2010

George Soros and Secret Gold Bull Market Goes On

Secret Gold Bull Market

One of the reasons the assertion that gold is an ultimate bubble by George Soros makes little sense, is he possibly doesn't understand what's really going on in the markets, or he's being the sly fox he is as far as investing goes.

For example, Soros was saying this on one side of his mouth while investing millions in gold mining companies and gold ETFs. So I think Soros was attempting to do some manipulating of the minds there in order to move the market and thoughts in the direction he wants it to go.

The reasoning behind this is Soros almost assuredly knows the general public hasn't been investing in gold, and know very little about it and don't have much interest in it.

Until they come on board in hoards, there's little chance of a gold bubble bursting, as there isn't a bubble without the public entering into the gold investing market.

In reality, most of us who follow gold closely sometimes aren't aware that what is common and everyday to us is mysterious and unknown to the average investor, at least in the Western world.

By the time the average investor comes in, which still may take some time, gold will be much higher and it'll be taken to levels that aren't sustainable and above market prices. That's when we'll have an ultimate bubble.

Until that time, the fundamentals, along with the foibles of central banks and governments around the world are what we need to be concerned with watching.

Once the general public starts to enter the market, that's when we need to be weary. That hasn't happened yet, and I think things will have to get worse, or they get more educated as to why gold is important, before they do come in in droves.

Unfortunately for the uneducated in gold, they'll experience something similar to the housing market because they just can't leave the herd mentality and do the type of research which puts them ahead of the game.

Secret Gold Bull Market

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