Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gold Prices Today Under Downward Pressure

Yesterday's sell-off in gold was expected, as the two record-breaking days last week all but ensured Monday would follow that pattern, and that was the case.

Today's gold prices continue to decline early in the session, as investors continue to take profits after a robust gold week.

Yet as the day progresses, a rebound has emerged, and gold prices have started to go up after 12:00 PM EDT; a trend that happens many times after profit-taking early in a day.

This will continue to be the practice concerning the movement of gold prices, as there are a variety of people and institutions involved, and they include gold investors, traders and speculators, each one with their own strategy to make money on gold, which will continue to create a jagged graph on a daily basis, but one that will continue to trend up.

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