Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eldorado (NYSE:EGO), Yamana (NYSE:AUY) Novagold (AMEX:NG) Soar on Record Gold Prices

It'll take time to see if the relatively benign economic news concerning the weakness of the European Union is the ultimate catalyst is leveraging gold prices to expected levels, along with the somewhat lagging gold mining stocks like Eldorado Gold Corp Ltd (NYSE:EGO) Yamana Gold, Inc. (NYSE:AUY) and Novagold Resources Inc (AMEX:NG), which soared as gold prices once again surpassed record levels.

Gold miners have responded to soaring gold prices as a mixed bag, which in some cases is justified by the unknown or lack of performance, but in many cases, based on the fundamentals, such as in the case of Yamana Gold, seem to not be able to catch the gold price wave, and has lagged behind some competitors with much less reserves and quality management.

When talking about "benign" economic news, I mean by that that other recent news should have devastated the markets and pushed gold prices and miners higher, like the revelation the stress tests for European banks were pathetic, and the banks were much more exposed to sovereign debt than revealed.

So the idea that Europe isn't as strong economically as thought, is rather weak in comparison to the recent stress test revelation.

I think this is why the price of gold skyrocketed Tuesday, because there is a pent-up realization that the economy and its condition has been covered over by rigged reports and focus on the positive only by the mainstream media, which can't seem to report honestly unless their man Obama and the Democrats are made to look bad.

No matter, the truth is slowly coming out to the general population as to the devastate U.S. economy, and even with reports generated to make it appear confusing and mixed, that is slowly dissipating into an understanding of the danger we're still in, and gold is waiting there for investors to put their money into to protect themselves.

The idea of throwing out more stimulus is a surety now, or at least the attempt to do if, and if that happens, gold will again get a big upward bump as investors seek to protect themselves against a debased currency and out-of-control spending.

Gold miners will take part in the response to this scenario as it continues to play out, and they have, in many cases, a lot of room to run before things level out.

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