Friday, October 15, 2010

Silvercorp (NYSE:SVM), Pan American (Nasdaq:PAAS), Hecla (NYSE:HL), Endeavour (AMEX:EXK), Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) Soaring with Silver

Silver prices are soaring and silver miners and royalty companies like Silvercorp (NYSE:SVM), Pan American (Nasdaq:PAAS), Hecla (NYSE:HL), Endeavour (AMEX:EXK) and Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) have been soaring with them.

Even though their valuations are high, they may have a lot more room to grow than even most gold miners, who have been the recipients of a 10-year long gold bull run.

Having mentioned valuation, the lowest silver company in the group mentioned above is Pan American Silver, and they could be one of the companies ready to make a big move, as the others have participated more fully in the silver price boom.

Although Pan American Silver closed slightly down Thursday, finishing the day at $30.85, losing $0.06, or 0.19 percent, they could be a sleeper that is poised for a big move.

Silvercorp Metals made a big move, closing at $9.42, gaining $0.52, or 5.84 percent. Hecla moved up to $7.06, rising $0.13, or 1.88 percent. Royalty company Silver Wheaton finished up to $27.84, climbing $0.36, or 1.31 percent. Endeavour Silver also made a major move, closing at $4.99, up $0.24, or 5.05 percent.

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