Thursday, December 30, 2010

Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW), Silvercorp (NYSE:SVM), Endeavour (NYSE:EXK), iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV), Pan American (Nasdaq:PAAS) Shine with Silver Prices

Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW), Silvercorp (NYSE:SVM), Endeavour (NYSE:EXK), iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV) and Pan American (Nasdaq:PAAS) are all shining, as they continue to attract the attention of investors looking to grow their capital and protect it at the same time.

As gold prices rise, silver is increasingly considered an alternative to gold's safe haven status.

All the companies listed above are near their 52-week highs, although Silver Wheaton has pulled back a little lately.

While investors must be aware of the volatility associated with silver, they also must understand the reason the price has went up, and it should continue to do so into 2011.

The same reasons silver has been pushing up hard is the same reason gold have been doing the same. Silver has the additional value of industrial use, but being viewed as an investment metal at this time is what's driving the overall price of the metal and the silver companies and trusts.

Pan American Silver closed Wednesday at $41.51, gaining $0.64, or 1.57 percent. Silver Wheaton closed at $38.56, up by $0.26, or 0.68 percent. Silvercorp Metals rose to $12.89, increasing $0.13, or 1.02 percent. Endeavor Silver ended the session at $7.27, up $0.08, or 1.11 percent. iShares Silver Trust closed at $29.87, up $0.34, or 1.15 percent.

Silver remains over $30 an ounce.

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