Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Solar Companies DAQQ (DQ), (JKS), (SOL), (JASO), (STP), (RSOL), (ASTI), (WEST) to Benefit from Japan Nuclear Challenges

The hoopla surrounding the challenges facing the nuclear industry from the earthquake in Japan, which some are attempting to spin as an extremely valuable event for solar companies such as DAQQ New Energy (DQ), JinkoSolar Holding Company (JKS), Renesola (SOL), JA Solar Holdings (JASO), Suntech Power Holdings (STP), Real Goods Solar (RSOL), Ascent Solar Technologies (ASTI) and Akeena Solar (WEST), is just that: spin.

Nothing has changed in the overall nuclear sector as far as the majority of countries still committed to using nuclear plants to generate electricity, other than the usual weenies from Europe and to a lesser extent, the United States.

But that was going to account for very little in the way of nuclear growth, and in the United States, most of it will just be going over existing plans and plants in order to be sure things are as safe as they can be.

Other than that, China is doing something similar, and is simply making sure risk is managed. China has already said it's going to continue on with its nuclear strategy, and they're by far the country with the most nuclear plants scheduled to be built.

Nothing has changed in the solar sector, which will continue to be pressured downward because the socialist countries of Europe can't afford the subsidies as the sovereign debt crisis continues to threaten to end the euro, as well as the European Union itself.

That's not to say investors can't make money in solar if they know what they're doing, just that the idea solar is a viable source of energy in the future is a long way from becoming a reality, if it ever does.

Solar companies will come under pressure for a long time, as there doesn't appear to be any catalyst out there to suggest we're going to be leaving the global recession any time soon, no matter how the mainstream media attempts to spin it.


Darren said...

Gary, you are misinformed.

chingu said...

I totally agree with Darren. There are too many nay-sayers who write things without accurate and valid perspectives. I prefer not to spend a lot of time arguing with no particular value to it since nothing concrete was specified in the argument by the author, but I find this blog missing very important and fundamental views of our energy management.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gary lost lots of money covering shorts.

Solar is the future, my friend.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous article! Radiation has now been detected in Glasgow, Oxfordshire and is now being tested for elsewhere in the UK, the list of European countries picking up hightened radiation readings is growing, same with the US. It will be political suicide for any politician anywhere to stand up for nuclear power (just ask Merkel) and the longer Fukishama spews toxic waste (and this will run and run) the louder the argument for solar will become. But don't worry Gary, you just keep shorting the solar sector!

Anonymous said...

Even though radiation is detected places it doesn't mean it's harmful check our this chart: