Friday, April 29, 2011

Molycorp (MCP) (SHZ) (REE) (XING) (GMO) (AVL) Closed Mixed on Volatile Day

Rare earths miners like General Moly (AMEX:GMO), Avalon Rare Metals (AMEX:AVL), China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. (AMEX:SHZ), Rare Element Resources Ltd (AMEX:REE), Qiao Xing Universal Resources, (Nasdaq:XING) and Molycorp, Inc (NYSE:MCP) closed mixed Thursday as investors have been uncertain over the soaring mining sector in general, along with rare earths, as well as gold and silver as well.

Most believe that rare earth supply will remain tight for at least five years, even with the media hype of all the projects coming on line. Those proposed projects will take years to go through the process before production is ready to begin.

According to Molycorp CEO, Mark Smith, there will probably be two coming on stream within that five-year period. During that same time rare earths demand is projected to double annually.

That means those companies that already have operations going should enjoy solid pricing power during that season.

As to the silly proposal by big-government politicians concerning the Rare Earth Supply-Chain Technology and Resources Transformation Act, the last thing we need is for the government to use yet another so-called crisis or "national security" issue to expand government in a useless manner as is now being attempted.

The markets should and will sort it out, as it has already began to do.

Market Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF (NYSE:REMX) closed at $27.85, falling $0.18, or 0.64 percent.

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