Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nokia (NOK) Faces Challenging 2012

While business media have continued to hammer down Nokia (NYSE:NOK), it remains to be seen if its fortunes are as bad as they are made to appear.

For example, some media jumped on the possibility Samsung could overtake Nokia for the overall mobile phone market in 2012. That's based upon a report from Korea Economic Daily, which says Samsung is looking to increase mobile phone sales by 15 percent in 2012. Saying it, and doing it, of course, are two separate things.

Secondly, the other element in the mix is the release of Nokia’s Lumia 800, which has only generated about 2 percent of sales in Europe. That is being reported as a failure by Nokia to generate interest in its smartphones using Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Window 7 technology.

The truth is that was, in my opinon, a phont sent out into the market to simply have an entry while Nokia prepares its smartphone line for future release.

To make the smartphone strategy look as if it has failed for Nokia is ridiculous at this point.

Nokia has yet to begin its smartphone strategy, which won't really get going until the mid-, or latter part of 2012.

Nokia was trading at $4.785, up $0.045, or 0.95 percent, as of 2:46 PM EST.

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