Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim Rogers on Obama Juicing Up Economy

Billionaire investor Jim Rogers recently said the American government is attempting to create an illusion the economy is improving in light of the upcoming elections.

Talking to India's Economic Times, Rogers stated, "You have the American government spending staggering amounts of money right now, printing a lot of money and getting ready for the election."

"You have to remember the election in America in November...they do their best to get the economy juiced up so they can win the election," he concluded.

The problem is this will be even more devastating economically after the elections, with the fallout of the increasing money supply sure to wreak havoc on the economy.

"2013 and 2014 are what I am most worried about because this year everybody is trying to just get through the next election...Everybody is going to do their best to get us through the election. Watch out for 2013," said Rogers.

Rogers says he continues to hold onto gold, and hopes it consolidates more before continuing its upwards price movement.

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