Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jim Rogers Likes Silver More Than Gold at This Time

Billionaire commodity expert Jim Rogers reiterated his current stance on gold, saying he's looking more towards silver than gold as the better investment at this time, citing the fact that silver is down more than gold, and gold has also had a decade of increases, which means it is susceptible to a major correction.

As measured by an historic basis, silver is about "40 percent below its all-time high," says Rogers, adding that "gold is 10 percent to 15 percent below its all-time high."

In other words, he sees more upwards potential.

Even if there is more stimulus around the world, which is highly likely, and if gold gets a boost from that, silver is likely to get an even bigger boost from stimulus, especially as it would at least appear to renew industrial demand from manufacturers around the world.

Gold would benefit mostly from the safety and defense against inflation factors, while silver, on a secondary basis, would also benefit for the same reasons.

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