Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gold Prices Will Continue Rising

Gold Prices

News on the street has been a number of investors are allegedly believing gold is experiencing a bubble, and so it may be time to get out and take some profits. I don't believe that's true.

The reason I said allegedly above is because of the possibility that speculators who did in fact believe gold prices would fall shorted the market, and so now that they've been getting clobbered over the last couple of months, could be attempting to communicate the gold bubble idea in order to create a self-fulfilling prophecy which they could financially benefit from.

A gold bubble isn't what is moving the price of gold up, but the incredibly ignorant moves of the Obama administration is what's moving the prices, as the inevitalbe inflation coming from the spending of trillions still is generating investment in gold, and that isn't going to end any time soon.

When a bubble happens in any investment sector, it's when the general public finally catches wind of what's going on and stampedes like a herd of cattle toward that investment when prices start to surge based on speculation and ignorance, and not market and economic forces. That's not what's driving gold prices up, and until it is, we're going to continue to see gold prices rise for a long time to come.

Gold Prices


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