Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gold Top Performer for Decade

Gold Leading Investment Over Last 10 Years

With the last decade experiencing some tough economic times, the price of gold and the attraction of gold as a place of safety has encouraged investors to place their money in the yellow metal, which has resulted in it becoming the best performer over the last 10 years, generating profits of 277 percent during that time.

Other metals performing strongly were platinum and silver, which also grew by over 200 percent over that same period of time, with platinum enjoying a increase of 230 percent, while silver grew by 227 percent.

Gold should continue to grow in value for years to come, as continuing economic data and the printing of money by central banks continue to keep it at the top of the list for many investors.

Now the sovereign debt crisis in Europe has added another reason to invest and hold gold, and that situation is far from being worked out or understood how deeply it will go.

Gold Leading Investment Over Last 10 Years

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