Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gold Price Swings Continue on Sovereign Debt Concerns

Gold Price Swings

With the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and the euro under extraordinary downward pressure, gold prices will probably experience even more price swings than before as concerns over where it all will end continue.

Europe is obviously holding its cards close to its chest, and aren't letting out how deep the problem really is, but the markets seem to be saying they think it's deep enough to prop up the flawed U.S. dollar, which has its own problems.

The reason why gold prices will swing - possibly more than usual - is the indecision on the part of investors whether gold or the U.S. dollar will be the place to put their money for safety.

This is only because most don't realize gold is the only place in that sense our money should go, but again, the euro is looking so bad that the U.S. dollar looks extremely safe, as eyes turn away from fundamentals to comparisons.

Gold will swing as investors choose gold rather than the dollar, causing them both to rise, adding confusion to those that don't understand why the inverse relationship between gold and the U.S. dollar, at times, is no longer in play.

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