Monday, June 7, 2010

Gold Prices Exploding Today, Up $23.10 in Latest Trade

Gold prices exploded upward today as we called at Everything Gold on Friday, as the emerging narrative for the global economy continues to weaken, with the major economies and growth areas faltering.

The macro-economic conditions continue to deteriorate, as China battles inflation, the European Union struggles to survive, and now the latest being the confirmation the jobs being created in the United States are fake, just government spending in attempts to make things look much better than they are, including the temporary and worthless census workers who will be laid off in the near future.

Gold prices will continue to surge in the light of these circumstances, which have nothing in the near- or mid-term to show it's going to change.

At a little after 3:00 PM EDT, gold prices stood at $1,243.10 an ounce.

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