Friday, October 1, 2010

Gold Prices Shine for Eighth Straight Quarter

For the eighth quarter in a row gold prices have ended in positive territory, as everything which supports gold remains in place.

Adding to the recent push is the realization we're still in a recession, and a long way from emerging from it. That means the inevitable interference of the government via quantitative easing, where they waste money by attempting to throw it at the problem again, even after close to $2 trillion has already been pumped into it.

That means the continuing debasing of the U.S. dollar and the resultant increase in gold prices.

Gold for the month of September rose over five percent as it broke records in eleven of the last thirteen trading days.

Another major factor in gold price support is interest rates, and along with the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan and Bank of England have signaled they're unlikely to make any major moves to increase them any time soon.

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe, which has been trying to be hidden by the media, or taken at face value from the mouths of politicians that things aren't as bad as they seem, is in reality again being seen as a disaster, as this time Ireland battles to manage its huge debt load.

These and other important elements continue to provide healthy soil for gold to grow in.

Other than raising interest rates, there's nothing that can be done to change these circumstances in the short term, and that guarantees gold prices are far from ending their bull run.

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