Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) Says Treasuries of All Maturities Lose 2.7 Percent in December

A Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) index released by the company shows that Treasurys of all maturities fell 2.7 percent in December so far.

Year-to-date yields have moved up by 2.79 percent since November 30, the largest boost since July 2003.

Concerning two-year yields, they pushed up the most since December 2009, rising from 0.49 percent.

30-year Treasury bond yields also rose to their highest levels since January 2009, the fourth straight month they increased.

So far in 2010 bonds have risen 4.94 percent.

Corporate bonds on average dropped 2.1 percent in December, but are up 8.2 percent for 2010.

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