Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paul Allen Relaunches Patent Lawsuit Against Google (Nasdaq:GOOG), Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL), Facebook

After having the original lawsuit against Google (Nasdaq:GOOG), Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) and Facebook dismissed, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) with Bill Gates, has refiled the patent lawsuit against the companies.

The complaint centers around patents held by Allen's company Interval Licensing, which Allen says holds four patents dealing with data on the Internet and how its sorted through and offered to users.

He says those patents are being infringed upon by the companies, and is seeking a ban on all the products allegedly using the technology, as well as compensation for damages in relationship to their use.

Google was trading at $601.15, gaining $2.23, or 0.37 percent, as of 1:43 PM EST. Apple was at $325.74, up $0.27, or 0.08 percent. Facebook is privately held.

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